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2026 Deadline is Approaching - Are you ready for mandatory Firefighter Certification Requirements through ONTARIO REGULATION 343/22 of Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997?

Response Tactics International Inc. (RTI) is a delivery agent of NFPA compliant training materials to assist Ontario Fire Services in meeting compliance requirements to the Fire Protection & Prevention Act through NFPA compliant curriculum.

As of 2026, Firefighters within the province of Ontario will be required to be certified as NFPA 1001, “Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications" Firefighter1 or 2, depending on the level of service the municipality has determined to be suitable for its needs.  RTI doe NOT certify firefighters.  We deliver the curriculum, assist departments in practical skills development and prepare the candidate for certification, which can only be done through the OFM.


Who We Are

Our Leadership Team has nearly 3/4 of a Century worth of experience in Front - Line, Leadership, Training and Emergency Services and Experience.

With Credentials and Experience in positions such as


You can be assured that your Response Tactical International Training experience will be matched by experienced personnel who are qualified to aid in your training journey.
We have trained hundreds of Domestic and international Firefighters and set up training schools, both locally and internationally.

  • NFPA Fire Officer IV

  • Instructor II

  • Fire Department Incident Safety Officer

  • District Chief

  • Division Chief of Operations

  • Captain

  • Critical Care Flight Paramedic

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